5.  It’s Ministers

For Starters

Have a talk about the importance of the messenger in the believability of any message; e.g.: in politics, in advertising, in backyard gossip, etc.

How did you first come to hear the gospel?

Who was most influential in bringing the message to you?

What does this say to you about how evangelism can be effectively carried out and by whom?

The Great Commission

Read Matthew 28:16-20.

The word disciple means learner while the word apostle means one who is sent. The New Testament shows us that those who were called by Jesus to become learners were also sent by him out into the world. In reading these words at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, the church has heard God’s call in all subsequent generations to make disciples in all nations, incorporating the converts into the Body of Christ and teaching them the way of Jesus. Then those who become disciples find that they are sent to bear witness to others, so the process goes on.


The word minister means servant. Who are the servants of Christ? All who respond to his call to discipleship. To become a Christian means to become a servant or minister carrying out Christ’s mission in the world. The whole church is called to carry out this ministry with every member taking a share in the calling. So ministry is given to the whole Body of Christ with individual members playing their part according to their God-given abilities or gifts.

For discussion

How do you react to the idea that you are called to take a part in the evangelistic ministry of Christ in the world?

Ministry is Given to the Whole Church

When thinking of ministry we should first recognize that God the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, is the chief minister. But God uses the church as an agent in this ministry-the church as a whole, not just the clergy, those in religious orders or those who are paid by the church.

Evangelism is one facet of a many-facetted task given by God to his church. It is part of the total ministry given to the church. This obviously does not mean that every member is meant to become a preacher. But neither does it mean that any member can completely opt out of involvement in the evangelistic task.

Every one of us has a part to play in helping the world hear the Gospel whether it be done consciously and deliberately or whether it happen as a by-product of other things that we are doing.

For discussion

Think of some activities in our church. How could the evangelistic aspect be expressed more effectively in and through them?

Specific Ministries

Some people are equipped and called to exercise a special ministry within the total ministry of the church.

Read Ephesians 4:11-13

Note that one of the specialized ministries listed is that of an evangelist.

For discussion

Name people with the gifts and calling of an evangelist..

What gifts are needed for the specific ministry of evangelist?


It is widely recognised that people called to specified ministries (eg: Minister of the Word, Deacon, Youth Worker) need preparation and training for the task. The same is also true of those who share in Christ’s ministry as members. It’s not that we have to wait to do some course or other, or wait until we know enough, to start telling other people about Jesus and what he means for us, but part of our discipleship involves learning how to communicate the gospel to others. Often the main thing holding back Christian witness is not knowing where to start, not having avenues along which to proceed.

For discussion

Do you feel the need for help and training to be an effective part of the church’s evangelism?

How would you like to be helped?


Pray for evangelists and for the evangelistic ministry of our congregation.

Pray that your own witness may be faithful and true.

Pray for the people of the world who so badly need to know the light and help of Christ.