May 21 2017


John 14:15-21


You’re stranded in a foreign city. You don’t speak the language. You need to find accommodation for the night. It’s getting late and you don’t like the look of some of the characters in the street nearby. You feel a tinge of panic, but then look up and see someone that you have known from way back. “Wow!  Didn’t know you were here! Can you help me?” you exclaim.  “Of course, my friend. I heard you might be here; I came looking for you.” You breathe a sigh of relief. You have a friend. All will be well. Just as Jesus promised long ago his promise comes true for you today. You have a Friend, a Spirit Friend, who’ll see you through your plight, who’ll accompany you throughout your stay. Little children sometimes have an invisible friend. Those who seek to follow Jesus in their lives today also have an invisible friend, but whereas the child’s friend is conjured up by an infantile imagination the followers of Jesus have a friend promised by Jesus himself. The Holy Spirit is our friend, our wise and experienced friend. Jesus is with us in the spirit to guide and to rescue. We speak of the spirit of Anzac or the spirit of a sporting club, but more importantly we recognize the spirit of a person: intangible but unmistakably real.  We can be inspired by the spirit of great people, but above all let’s be inspired by the Spirit of Jesus to live the Jesus-way, to enable us to tell the gospel story and to live it in our daily lives. The Spirit of Jesus is the Holy Spirit, Spirit of God leading, guiding, encouraging, correcting, teaching, comforting and strengthening us. We are never alone.  We have a Friend. We have an eternal Friend.  Whether it be in this world or the next, we have a Friend.


  • Share stories about a wise and capable friend who has helped you at some time in your life.
  • What does it mean to you that God, through the Holy Spirit, is your Friend?
  • John 14:16 in the Greek uses the word Look up as many different versions of the New Testament as you can and make a list of the words used to translate, “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another…..”.
  • What’s the difference between human friendship and God’s friendship?