March 3,


Luke 9:28-36,



Alan always knew that his manager was efficient but he saw her as distant, cold and abrupt, until he worked closely with her on a major project. He then came to see her in a new light: a woman with a severely handicapped child and a sick husband, and a person with a generous heart, really concerned for the wellbeing of her staff. One day when Jesus took Peter, James and John with him up on a mountain to pray their eyes were open so that they saw him in a new light. It was the light of God. Have you ever had experiences when you came to see things in the light of God?  Maybe it was the environment. In God’s light the environment looks different. Nature is not simply there to be exploited, but to be respected. The dark-skinned family up the road who always seem to have extra people staying with them, making a noise and leaving the front garden untendered. To see them in the light of God’s love and embrace is to see them differently, and seeing them differently to relate to them differently. Through Jesus, we see God differently. Not as the judge and executioner, but as the parent who loves us through all our childish tantrums and stupid mistakes. In the light of God reflected in Jesus, we see people differently, even those that threaten us.  We see people that God is reaching out to in love. We see potential for good. In God’s light we view life differently. It is not there just for me to get all I can in money, health and happiness. It is an opportunity to live God’s kind of love which means respect and acceptance of others, compassion and help for the needy, release for the oppressed, and the giving of hope to the depressed. God is, in Scripture, sometimes represented as brilliant, blinding light and in God’s light, Christ’s light, everything is different. So, come on, let’s join in the Zulu song, Siyahamba, “We are marching in the light of God,”(TIS 666) and let’s do it.


  • When have you come to see something in a new light?
  • There is more to the Transfiguration story than thee people seeing Jesus in a new light. What else do you see in the story?
  • Give instances of what it means to see things in the light of Jesus?
  • Why should blinding light be a suitable image for God? What does it suggest about God?