January 26,

 Matthew 4:12-23,

In creating, among all the species, one that has extraordinary powers, God made humans to be co-creators, co-workers with God. We are junior partners in the great firm of existence. The trouble is that we refuse the junior partner’s role and try to take over as the principal director. We think that we can call the shots, we can run the show. We stick out our chests and say, “Look what we’ve done. We are very clever.” If you only look at human accomplishments in exploration and science, philosophy and art, politics and technology you can get carried away with this attitude, but God has a way of tapping us on the shoulder and whispering, “Wait a bit! There’s more to life than that. Listen to me! My way has to do primarily with relationships, right relationships; love as respect, appreciation, acceptance and compassion. You haven’t really caught onto this whole creation thing. You were meant to live at peace with your Founding Father, at peace among yourselves, at peace within yourselves, at peace with your created universe. In Jesus I started a special project to bring this change about. Repent! That means, change your ways; let me turn you around so that you live the way I intended you to live. (Matthew 4:17) Here is a message for Australia and Australians. In celebrating our nation, let’s admit our failures in living as God wants us to live:  our materialism, our greed, our racism, our cruelty, our selfishness. The Spirit of the Risen Christ is working to bring about this change. Cooperate with him, and pray that all people in our country will be open to it.

  • What are some ways in which we become co-creators with God?
  • What are some ways in which we try to usurp God’s place?
  • What does it meant to repent?
  • Of what should Australians repent?