March 15

John 4:5-42

Mark 8:27-33

What do you say of Jesus? One of the words we often use is that of Saviour. We even dare to join the citizens of Sychar (John 4:42) in calling him the Saviour of the world. But do we grasp the enormity of such a claim? Saviour of the world! In face of the mess that the world is in, how can we make that claim with a straight face? Perhaps it’s just a piece of hyperbole. Preachers over-stating their claim. But no! Not if we take the Gospel seriously. He is the Saviour whether we acknowledge him at such or not, just as Sparky Bright is a qualified electrician whether I choose to employ him or not. That is the Gospel. Through him, God acted to save all people from their rebellious nature and to open up the Creator’s intended way for all.  If he were accepted as such by everyone, we would be living in a transformed world. If all people allowed his Spirit to lead them, if they accepted God’s acceptance and reconciliation, if they surrendered their self-centredness to Christ-centredness, we would see the full realization of his being the Saviour of the world. OK. This is not going to happen, not in the world as we know it, but does that mean that we ignore the Gospel? Do we act as though Jesus never lived and as though the spirit of Christ is not active in our hearts? Of course, not! We become part of God’s transforming work and we witness to it that others too may share in it. On a personal level we accept him as Saviour knowing that he is not just my saviour, he is the Saviour of the world.

  • Jesus has been given several titles. What are some of them?
  • What does Jesus save the world from?
  • What does he save the world to?
  • What does it mean to you to call Jesus Saviour?