May 17 2020

 John 14:15-21

 You have a job to be done, but you don’t have the skills or the time to do it yourself. What do you do?  If possible, you get someone who is skilled and available to do it for you. For example, if summonsed to court, you get a lawyer to speak for you. Well, think of this.  God needed human assistance in restoring the world to its intended state of goodness, integrity, right relationships, peace and justice, so asked Jesus to accomplish it.  Or, to put it differently, God called on his Son to release people from the alienation and rebellion that prevented them from being the people God wanted them to be.  It was not an easy task for to do this he had to come into inevitable collision with entrenched power structures and puffed up egos that human sinfulness had created. However, he gathered a following. In particular, he gathered a group of disciples with whom he shared his message. Before he was killed, he called on them to continue the task that he had begun. He knew that this was beyond their capabilities, but assured them that they would not be left to do it all on their own. As he had been God’s agent in drawing people into the kingdom of God, so the Holy Spirit would continue this work in and through them. The Spirit would, for all of Christ’s disciples, be the friend to assist them in their living, their understanding and in the great mission entrusted to them. So, for us, called to be part of this divine enterprise, we are given a counsellor, advocate, comforter, assistant or friend to help us. (The Greek word parakletos used in John 14:16 can be translated in all of these ways) oly Spirit ios

  • When have you called on a friend to help you with some task?
  • God’s Spirit is within us. How is this made apparent?
  • In your mind, what does the idea of the Holy Spirit being our powerful friend imply?
  • What does John 14:23 say about God as the Holy Trinity?