June 28

Genesis 22:1-14

Romans 6:12-23

We all know that we are called to place our faith in Jesus Christ for our redemption, but are we as aware that we are to place our faith in him for daily living? Faith means trusting. Faith in Christ means commitment to Christ’s way of living. It means following him even when it is contrary to popular opinion. From ancient times, Abraham has been taken as a great model for faith. He not only stepped out in faith, leaving his homeland to find a new land where he could live under God, but, in the story where he is shown to be willing to sacrifice his only recognized son he is shown to be living by faith in the wisdom and purposes of God. Told to sacrifice Isaac, the one through whom God promised blessing to his family and through them to all people everywhere, Abraham was obedient to the call. Trust means obedience. Faith means willing to do the will of God. God provided a substitute, so Abraham was not called upon to sacrifice his son, but through this time of testing he came through as one who trusted God completely. On occasions, Jesus chided his disciples for their lack of faith, and there were occasions when Jesus could do no mighty work because of the people’s lack of faith. But when people placed their faith in him, they saw the sick healed and the dead raised. So the call comes to us to trust God who was revealed in and through Jesus of Nazareth, not just for our ultimate salvation, but for our way of living, our attitudes, the way we relate to others, the purpose and direction for our lives and the service that he calls us to render.

  • If trusting God means obeying God, how do we know what God wants of us?
  • What is the difference between having faith that something is true and trusting God to lead us in the way of truth?
  • Paul speaks of humanity enslaved to sin; what does that mean?
  • He also speaks of humanity set free from slavery to sin; what does that mean?