My name is Ron Potter.  I am a Minister of the Word (retired) within the Uniting Church in Australia.

I set up this website with the assistance of David Drinkall and Ric Todhunter to enable me to give expression to my faith, thought, research and artistic endeavours.  The result is a rather eclectic collection of menu items: art and placenames side-by-side with sermonettes, poems, prayers and small group study guides. This is consistent with my conviction that sacred and secular are not mutually exclusive realms.  Much of what is labelled sacred or religious contains much in common with the general culture of its time and place, and the sacred permeates all of everyday life if we but have the eyes to see it.

During my ministry I served in several Queensland locations, in the Samoan Islands and in Canberra.

The name for this website, Piula Publications, comes from Piula Theological College, in Samoa, where I was Principal way back in the late sixties.  Piula is the Samoan form of the English Beulah, used in Isaiah 62:4 in the King James Version of the Bible to describe the salvation that God is about to bring to the forsaken and desolate city of Jerusalem.  It means married, and is used in the sense of  ‘happily married to God’.