Prayers of Jesus as a guide to our own praying.

By looking at seven prayers reported in the gospels as having been prayed by Jesus we hope to tackle such issues as :

  •  Where is the starting point for prayer? What difference does prayer make?
  • What about unanswered prayer?
  • Is praise a part of prayer?
  • How do we pray when God seems far away?
  • Do I have to pray for my enemies? Where does faith come into it?

While copyright remains with the author, permission is given for private use and for use by small discussion groups.

  1. Prayer Within the Grace of God
  2. Prayer Within the Power of God
  3. Prayer Within the Mystery of God
  4. Prayer Within the Glory of God
  5. Prayer Within Abandonment by God
  6. Prayer Within the Mercy of God
  7. Prayer Within the Faithfulness of God